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202030 — The Berlin Fashion Summit is a cross-disciplinary platform, where avant-garde creatives meet industry stakeholders for constructive critical debates on the future of fashion. The aim is to bridge the gap between existing sustainability innovations and solutions with the industry’s need for pragmatic transformation guidelines and to envision tangible new alliances for new value chains for a sustainability-trendsetting future of fashion.

The 202030 Summit consists of two parts:

The Pop Up Think Tank is not public and serves as an open space for constructively-critical debates between experts in order to prepare the public summit’s quality content and clear messages.

The Summit serves as the main professional public part of the 202030 Summit and aims to open up the dialogue to a broader industry audience by offering compact and clear constructive input.

ECOSYSTEMS – How to implement positive impact?

This edition will be highlighting ecosystems as a livelihood, base and inspiration to foster life quality and holistic, agile and anti-fragile future warded solutions for fashion. The focus will be on relationships and interactions for successful transformation with positive impact.

The four-day programme will comprise the topic of how to think and design positive impact in circular systems. A further spotlight will be on local ecosystems and the questions of how to organize and foster positive impact.
The definition and measurement of quality and impact through standard-, data- and valuation systems will also be discussed.

The topic of each summit edition is examined methodically via a triad of systemic perspectives: Fashion Culture, Fashion Economy, and Fashion Product. This methodology will be used during both parts of the 202030 Summit.


The 2020’s are destined to become the decade of glocal changemaking — now the need to transform outdated systems could meet a historic opportunity to combine recovery from the disturbing pandemic with all the benefits of sustainable development. Berlin is thriving itself to refocus on its roots as the European capital of cultural and creative industries and continues to focus on a sustainable future with a more than ever cross-disciplinary and cultural approach to celebrate fashion and the people involved.

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Studio MM04 is a Berlin-based creative strategy consultancy with an international network that supports companies and organisations in shaping their future with a radical passion for fashionable aesthetics and profound sustainability expertise. Known as pioneers and experts in their field for more than 10 years, studio MM04 creates new solutions for the fashion and textile industry.

Sqetch is an innovation agency and IT company that connects fashion brands with producers and suppliers worldwide on their B2B online sourcing platform sqetch.co and helps them establish transparent supply chains. With complementary R&D programmes and innovation formats such as hackathons and showcases, they support the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion industry. Sqetch is based in Berlin and Amsterdam.

The Beneficial Design Institute is a design research and development institute for holistic innovations in fashion and textiles. It stands for a positive cultural change that combines quality, innovation and beauty with sustainability in a global context.

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