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What ++ Envision & Encourage Future Fashion Systems

This is Berlin’s roaring 2020’s call for transformation in fashion: 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit.

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit is designed to be(come) a cross-disciplinary platform, where avant-garde creatives and critical grassroot protagonists meet industry stakeholders to work together. The challenge is to connect and find solutions for the needs of diverse fashion industries, consumer cultures, innovation-driven sustainability, and the tech movement.

By involving experts from different disciplines, the 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit aims to stimulate a visionary, creative and encouraging dialogue. Through a multi-staged process, we aim to bridge existing innovations with the industry and envision concrete tangible connections and solutions for a more sustainable future of fashion.

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04 in cooperation with Sqetch and the Beneficial Design Institute.


What is 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit all about:

POP UP THINK TANK (by invitation only / English / CET)

3-6 pm
Workshop #1 – Fashion Culture
3-6 pm
Workshop #2 – Fashion Product
3-6 pm
Workshop #3 – Fashion Economy

PRE SUMMIT (Public / English / CET)

3-4.30 pm
Policy Lab
3 pm
Welcome & Introduction
3.05-3.20 pm
The Keynote
All Good(s)? Dutch perspectives on a circular fashion industry
Gijs Könings/Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
3.20-3.35 pm
The Keynote
The Green Button - government-run certification for textiles Ulrich Plein | GIZ/BMZ
3.35-4.10 pm
The Panel
Policy strategies for fashion transformation
Gijs Könings | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ulrich Plein | GIZ/BMZ
4.10-4.30 pm
The Q&A
Gijs Könings | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ulrich Plein | GIZ/BMZ
moderated by Marte Hentschel | Sqetch

SUMMIT (Public / English / CET)

3-4.30 pm
Fashion Culture
The Presenter: Tarik Tesfu
3-3.20 pm
The Keynote
The future needs compassion
Bandana Tewari | Craft Diplomacy
3.20-3.30 pm
The Review
Pop Up Think Tank #1
Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow | Beneficial Design Institute
3.30-3.45 pm
The Interview
From Aruba to Berlin
Amanda Parkes | Pangaia / Future Tech Lab
Patrick Duffy | Global Fashion Exchange/ The SwapChain
3.45-4 pm
The Demonstration
The Craft Atlas by Cecilia Palmér
Pool by Rune Orloff
4-4.30 pm
The Panel
Re-defining fashion culture – from fast desires to true pleasures and beauty
Melissa Drier | Former German correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily
Prof. Dr. Renate Stauss | The American University of Paris
Rune Orloff | Pool
Geraldine de Bastion | Moderator
3-4.30 pm
Fashion Economy
The Presenter: Tarik Tesfu
3-3.20 pm
The Keynote
True beauty – A triple top line for fashion and the economy
Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart | Braungart EPEA – Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH
3.20-3.30 pm
The Review
Pop Up Think Tank #2
Max Gilgenmann | Studio MM04
3.30-3.45 pm
The Interview
Eva Kruse | Global Fashion Agenda
Magdalena Schaffrin | Studio MM04
3.45-4 pm
The Demonstration
Circular.fashion by Ina Budde
Lablaco by Lorenzo Albrighi
3.45-4 pm
The Panel
Re-evaluating fashion economies – from a global to a glocal home
Jade Buddenberg | Zalando SE
Orsola de Castro | Fashion Revolution
Dr. Ulf Jaeckel | Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany
Geraldine de Bastion | Moderator
3-4.30 pm
Fashion Product
The Presenter: Tarik Tesfu
3-3.20 pm
The Keynote
A virtual future for fashion
Matthew Drinkwater | Fashion Innovation Agency
3.20-3.30 pm
The Review
Pop Up Think Tank #3
Marte Hentschel | Sqetch
3.30–3.45 pm
The Interview
Amber Jae Slooten | The Fabricant
Federico Poletti | Journalist / Curator
3.45–4 pm
The Demonstration
The Fabricant by Amber Jae Slooten
Lukso by Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller
4-4.30 pm
The Panel
Re-focusing fashion products – driven by user demands and system transformation
Dr Anne Prahl | Design & Innovation Consultant
Femke Zijlstra | Independent consultant/ former DyeCoo
Leslie Holden | The Digital Fashion Group
Geraldine de Bastion | Moderator

Recap ++

Organizers ++

Studio MM04 is a Berlin-based creative strategy consultancy with an international network that supports companies and organisations in shaping their future with a radical passion for fashionable aesthetics and profound sustainability expertise. Known as pioneers and experts in their field for more than 10 years, studio MM04 creates new solutions for the fashion and textile industry.

Sqetch is an innovation agency and IT company that connects fashion brands with producers and suppliers worldwide on their B2B online sourcing platform sqetch.co and helps them establish transparent supply chains. With complementary R&D programmes and innovation formats such as hackathons and showcases, they support the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion industry. Sqetch is based in Berlin and Amsterdam.

The Beneficial Design Institute is a design research and development institute for holistic innovations in fashion and textiles. It stands for a positive cultural change that combines quality, innovation and beauty with sustainability in a global context.

Partners ++

All Good(s)
Grüner Knopf
All Good(s)

Why ++ The Twenties Call for Transformation

The 2020’s are destined to become the decade of glocal changemaking — this was clear long before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted most of our global human activities. Now the need to transform outdated systems could meet a historic opportunity to combine recovery from the disturbing pandemic with all the benefits of sustainable development.

Also, Berlin Fashion Week is transforming itself with a refocus on its roots as the European capital of creative industries and continues to focus on a sustainable future with a more than ever cross-disciplinary approach to celebrate fashion and the people involved.

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit is dedicated to reinventing fashion as a system that enables and produces sustainable economies, structures and products and leverages a positive societal impact — for a global fashion culture that inspires sustainable lifestyle.

How ++

International and local experts and innovators from fashion, science, business, education, politics, art & tech will be invited for 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit’s kick-off event in January 2021. The 202030 dialogue is divided into three parts:

The Pop Up Think Tank is not public and serves as the first experimental and preparational part. It consists of three top-notch workshops, discussing systemically relevant questions from different points of view – by envisioning the future of #1 fashion culture, #2 fashion economy and the #3 fashion product itself.

The PRE SUMMIT is public and includes a policy lab, where policy makers from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands and representatives of the Green Button will present their best practises of creating an open dialogue with stakeholders of the civil society and industry.

The SUMMIT serves as the main public part and opens up the dialogue to a broader audience. Each summit day will highlight one of the preceding topics #1 fashion culture, #2 fashion economy and #3 fashion product. Individual workshop participants will present the outcomes of the Pop Up Think Tank. Furthermore, inspirational keynotes will be held, followed by demonstrations and presentations of best practises. A closing panel will wrap up the insights of each day and provoke progressive solutions and guidelines for future operations of the fashion industry.

Newsletter ++

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Contact ++


Florian Müller
Müller PR & Consulting
+49 30 12 02 72 85

Critical Dialogue
Radical Passion