202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit: Recap Last Edition

Watch Now the full programme of the last edition of 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit taking place during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2021.

Policy Lab ++

Policy Lab | Keynote: Gijs Koenings from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands introduced a promising policy program on circular textiles in fashion and the “All Good(s) project” to connect and inspire sustainable entrepreneurs.

Policy Lab | Keynote: Ulrich Plein from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) presented the government-run certification “The Green Button” that aims to raises awareness of sustainable textile production and supply chains among companies and consumers.

Policy Lab | Panel: Gijs Koenings from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Ulrich Plein from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) discussed with Marte Hentschel from Sqetch about possible policy strategies for fashion transformation.


Fashion Culture ++

Fashion Culture | Keynote: Bandana Tewari from Craft Diplomacy argues that fashion and its creators and consumers need more compassion. It’s about a more balanced culture between humans and nature where consumers reconnect with the real value of their garments.

Fashion Culture | Review: Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow from the Beneficial Design Institute demonstrated a review from the Pop Up Think Tank on Fashion Culture. Crucial topics were that education is key and that we need to redefine fashion as a culture to foster the appreciation of craft as well as diversity.

Fashion Culture | Interview: Patrick Duffy from Global Fashion Exchange/The SwapChain discussed with Dr. Amanda Parkes from Pangaia/Future Tech Lab on sustainable material innovations, the role of science, and cultural changes in consumer behavior since the pandemic.

Fashion Culture | Demonstration: Cecilia Palmér introduced her project “The Craft Atlas”. The Craft Atlas is a digital platform which connects fashion stakeholders locally and globally for trade, production, collaboration, knowledge exchange and craft-based supply chains – for more cultural appreciation.

Fashion Culture | Demonstration: Rune Orloff showed this project “Pool”. Do we really need to own fashion to enjoy it? Pool works as a fashion service with a subscription wardrobe for men that supports a more waste-free circular fashion industry.

Fashion Culture | Panel: In the panel “Re-defining fashion culture – from fast desire to true pleasure and beauty” Melissa Drier, former German correspondent from Women’s Wear Daily, Prof. Dr. Renate Strauss from the American University of Paris and Rune Orloff from Pool debated on fashion as culture. The panel was moderated by Geraldine de Bastion.

Fashion Economy ++

Fashion Economy | Keynote: Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart from Braungart EPEA – Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH indicated in his keynote “True beauty – A triple top line for fashion and the economy” that we need to create products that are good for all species and not only less bad.

Fashion Economy | Review: Max Gilgenmann from studio MM04 explained the key findings from the Think Tank workshop on Fashion Economy. The review included, amongst other topics, the potentials of digital experiences, customization, and transparent networks.

Fashion Economy | Interview: Magdalena Schaffrin from studio MM04 talked with Eva Kruse from the Global Fashion Agenda about the status quo of the current fashion system and possible solutions with regards to policies, value shifts, and business models.

Fashion Economy | Demonstration: Ina Budde from Circular.fashion showcased three key drivers to enable a more circular fashion economy. These are circular designs, engaging customers in reusing their clothes and making material information accessible for sorters and recyclers.

Fashion Economy | Demonstration: Lablaco is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to redefine the relationships between suppliers, brands, and customers through transparency and circularity. Presented by Lorenzo Albrighi.

Fashion Economy | Panel: Orsola de Castro from Fashion Revolution, Jade Buddenberg from Zalando SE, and Dr. Ulf Jaeckel from the Federal Ministry for Environment in Germany discussed the panel topic “Re-evaluating fashion economies – from global to a glocal home”. The panel was moderated by Geraldine de Bastion.

Fashion Product ++

Fashion Product | Keynote: Matthew Drinkwater from the Fashion Innovation Agency demonstrated in his keynote “A virtual future for fashion” tech-based opportunities for the future of fashion products and experiences. Fashion goes digital with virtual fashion shows, mixed-reality interactions and virtual-try on where customers can try on clothes digitally.

Fashion Product | Review: Marte Henschel from Sqetch pointed out the key findings from the Think Tank workshop on Fashion Product. Key drivers for fashion product transformation will be, for instance, personalization, the use of artificial intelligence as a tool for good, and automation for demand as well as local manufacturing.

Fashion Product | Interview: The journalist Federico Poletti spoke with Amber Jae Slooten from the Fabricant about new opportunities that come with digital-only clothing. One of the features of wearing digital clothes is that the garments do not cause any physical waste

Fashion Product | Demonstration: Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller presented Lukso, the platform for the next wave of mainstream Blockchain applications. Lukso provides a decentralized innovation and trust infrastructure for fashion brands, start-ups, and customers.

Fashion Product | Demonstration: Amber Jae Slooten from the Fabricant inspired the audience with a digital-only fashion collection. The Fabricant leads the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing.

Fashion Product | Panel: The consultants Dr. Anne Prahl and Femke Zijlstra examined with Leslie Holden from The Digital Fashion Group and the moderator Geraldine de Bastion the topic „Re-focusing fashion products – driven by user demands and system transformation“.