202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit


Connecting Progressive Minds

Edition #6: Active Alliances for Positive Fashion

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit. 


Germany’s most progressive platform for cross-disciplinary discourse and matchmaking between avant-garde creatives, pragmatic researchers and smart industry stakeholders. 

Our aim is to bridge the gap between sustainable innovations and the fashion industry’s need for pragmatic transformation guidelines. We spark tangible alliances for new value chains, and trendset sustainable, regenerative future for fashion’s impact.

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Edition #6: 11-12/07/2023

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Thanks to all our partners, speakers, guests for making Edition #5 of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit* another milestone towards a sustainable, regenerative future for the fashion industry. See you at Edition #6.

Photography for Edition #5 by Britta Leuermann for studio MM04

Speakers Edition #6

Photo of August Bard Bringéus

August Bard Bringéus


Photo of Christine Goulay

Christine Goulay


Photo of Dr. Luke Haverhals

Dr. Luke Haverhals

Natural Fiber Welding

Photo of Fatima Njoya

Fatima Njoya

Condé Nast Germany, Glamour

Photo of Hasna Kourda

Hasna Kourda

Save Your Wardrobe

Photo of Nicks Ericsson

Nicks Ericsson


Photo of Veronica Bates Kassatly

Veronica Bates Kassatly


Placeholder Photo of Matthias Fuchs

Matthias Fuchs

Ocean Safe

Placeholder Photo of Alice Beyer Schuch

Alice Beyer Schuch

Detto Fatto, by Bay City

Placeholder Photo of Andreas Bothe

Andreas Bothe

Bay City

Placeholder Photo of Anna Franziska Michel

Anna Franziska Michel

Yoona.ai, Yoonaverse

Placeholder Photo of Axel Hahn

Axel Hahn


Placeholder Photo of Beata Wilzcek

Beata Wilzcek

Unfolding Strategies

Placeholder Photo of Chandra Prakash Jah

Chandra Prakash Jah

FFBS – Fashion for Biodiversity Solutions

Placeholder Photo of Cora Hamilton

Cora Hamilton

Uns* LGBTQIA+ Talent Agency

Placeholder Photo of Dietmar Hipp

Dietmar Hipp

CHT Germany

Placeholder Photo of Doris Schoger

Doris Schoger

Rebound Stuff

Placeholder Photo of Eric Knehr

Eric Knehr

CHT Germany

Placeholder Photo of Essi-Johanna Glomb

Essi-Johanna Glomb

Textile Prototyping Lab

Placeholder Photo of Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow

Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow

Beneficial Design Institute

Placeholder Photo of Heinke Schoger

Heinke Schoger

Rebound Stuff

Placeholder Photo of Ingo Strube

Ingo Strube

German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Placeholder Photo of Johann Bödecker

Johann Bödecker


Placeholder Photo of Lauren Greenwood

Lauren Greenwood


Placeholder Photo of Marion Röttges

Marion Röttges


Placeholder Photo of Marte Hentschel

Marte Hentschel

VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub

Placeholder Photo of Martina Schiuma

Martina Schiuma

The ID Factory

Placeholder Photo of Max Große Lutermann

Max Große Lutermann


Placeholder Photo of Max Weiland

Max Weiland

Uns* LGBTQIA+ Talent Agency

Placeholder Photo of Megan Meiklejohn

Megan Meiklejohn

Land to Market

Placeholder Photo of Robin Balser

Robin Balser


Placeholder Photo of Selyna Peiris

Selyna Peiris

Selyn Textiles

Placeholder Photo of Sevil Uguz

Sevil Uguz


Placeholder Photo of Suvro Dev Saha

Suvro Dev Saha

Global Apparel

Placeholder Photo of Svenja Bickert-Appelby

Svenja Bickert-Appelby

Independent Change Agent

Placeholder Photo of Tai Ford

Tai Ford


Placeholder Photo of Thekla Wilkening

Thekla Wilkening


Placeholder Photo of Ulrich Plein

Ulrich Plein

Grüner Knopf

Placeholder Photo of Katya Kruk

Katya Kruk


Placeholder Photo of Kim Berndt

Kim Berndt


From last edition

Fashion for Positive Impact: Regenerative Transformation

202030 Podcast

The 202030 Summit can now travel with you wherever you go, with our new Podcast featuring the 202030 community. Every two weeks, we release a new episode that takes you through a difference facet of regenerativity – including trust and transparency, cultural inclusion, decolonization, material innovation, community solidarity, and more.

Find us on all major podcast platforms, or listen directly here:

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Why is the 202030 Summit unique? 

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit offers a holistic understanding of sustainability in fashion, with an uncompromising emphasis on always pushing innovation further, and finding the greatest positive impact.  

Join us to be part of the bridge-building between sustainability knowledge and market experience. Here, you will find the opportunity to benefit from the open discourse between all stakeholders.

The Time is now…

With only seven years until 2030, the year by which we must meet global climate-saving goals, the 2020’s are destined to be a decade of ‘glocal’ changemaking. The time is now to fuel the transformation of the diverse sustainability movements with research and science-based targets into market-leading standards for the fashion and textile industry.

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