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202030 Pop-up: Culture & Communication


Stay tuned for full speaker and program announcements!

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Speakers: Denim Pop-up (07/2023)

Photo of Annabelle Homann

Annabelle Homann


Photo of Christine Moser-Priewich

Christine Moser-Priewich

Grüner Knopf (Green Button)

Photo of Janina Nagel

Janina Nagel

Auf Augenhoehe

Photo of Marian Von Rappard

Marian Von Rappard

Dawn Denim

Photo of Mayouri Sengchanh

Mayouri Sengchanh

Exalis for Première Vision

Photo of Outi Pyy

Outi Pyy


Photo of Roosmarie Ruigrok

Roosmarie Ruigrok

Dutch Denim Deal

Photo of Sema Gedik

Sema Gedik

Auf Augenhoehe

Photo of Tanvir Kabir

Tanvir Kabir

Embassy of Bangladesh, Berlin

Photo of Thomas Aplas

Thomas Aplas

CHT Group

Photo of Tony Tonnaer

Tony Tonnaer

KOI Conscious Consultancy