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202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit


Mark your calendars for 02-03/07/2024. Here, you can stay tuned for more program updates and highlights. We look forward to sharing two days of exciting content insights from pioneers of sustainable, regenerative fashion.

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Speaking at 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit: RE/GENERATE IMPACT

Photo of Bobby Kolade

Bobby Kolade


Photo of Christine Goulay

Christine Goulay

Sustainabelle Advisory Services

Photo of Fatima Njoya

Fatima Njoya

Journalist & Editor

Photo of Lavinia Muth

Lavinia Muth

Beyond Sustaina-Bullshit

Photo of Roman Houlbreque

Roman Houlbreque


Photo of Mikko Siukosaari

Mikko Siukosaari


Photo of Niki de Schryver

Niki de Schryver


Photo of Tom Schneider

Tom Schneider

ISA Next-Gen Materials

Photo of Alan Lugo

Alan Lugo


Photo of Alexander Sustal

Alexander Sustal

Redeker Sellner Dahs

Photo of Anna Raffaelli

Anna Raffaelli

The Carbon Trust

Photo of Felipe Urioste

Felipe Urioste

Land to Market

Photo of Liz Ricketts

Liz Ricketts

The OR Foundation

Photo of Matthias Fuchs

Matthias Fuchs


Photo of Pascal Göpner

Pascal Göpner

Redeker Sellner Dahs

Photo of Sabine Paulsen

Sabine Paulsen


Photo of Scott Lipinski

Scott Lipinski

Fashion Council Germany / European Fashion Alliance

Photo of Solomon Noi

Solomon Noi

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

Photo of Tanita Hecking

Tanita Hecking

The Crisps

Photo of Magdalena Schaffrin

Magdalena Schaffrin

studio MM04

Photo of Max Gilgenmann

Max Gilgenmann

studio MM04

Photo of Lou Croff Blake

Lou Croff Blake

studio MM04