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Edition #5: Active Alliance for Positive Fashion

Active Alliance for Positive Fashion

01/2023: Edition #5 of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit brought together our international community for two days at Messe Berlin, next to the Premium and Seek trade shows. The theme, Active Alliance for Positive Fashion was realized through one day of traditional conference programming, followed by a ‘Community Day.’ The conference day wove together two primary fields of industry transformation: regenerative culture and regenerative business. Our audience heard from returning speakers, such as Dr. Luke Haverhals of Natural Fiber Welding and Christine Goulay of Sustainabelle, alongside debut appearances from Nicks Ericsson of UGG, Hasna Kourda of Save Your Wardrobe, and many other industry leaders. 

The second day was dedicated to bringing the community together for more in-depth, interactive sessions, with emphasis on networking and forging new relationships and collaborations. The day started with an Alumni Alliance Breakfast, initiated by the Beneficial Design Institute, which brought together many cohorts of sustainable fashion program graduates. Community classes and workshops filled the majority of the day, including sessions by the BMUV, Grüner Knopf, Bay City, and Natural Fiber Welding. Edition #5 of the 202030 Summit wrapped up with a new format, a barcamp ‘unconference’ during which guests and speakers alike could join specialized break-out sessions, for eye-level learning and discussions on fashion’s more pressing issues around sustainable transformation. 

The summit’s slogan, “Connecting Progressive Minds,” comes to life when change-makers from around the world gather to transform dialogue into tangible impact. Thanks to our guests, speakers, and partners for our most impressive edition yet!

Photography for Edition #5 by Britta Leuermann for studio MM04

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