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Fashion for Positive Impact: Regenerative Transformation

Edition #4 of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit addressed six themes of fashion's most cutting edge sustainability movement: regenerative transformation. The program tackled how fashion can make a positive impact in the biosphere, focusing on our planet and our communities. Topics such as regenerative materials, restoring biodiversity and ecosystems were highlighted, creating a new culture of inclusion and equity, and reimagining workspaces as ecosystems to grow healthy creative economies. It also addressed transforming the technosphere and metasphere, looking at tech innovations and digitization as areas to apply regenerative transformation. The discussions included trust, traceability and transparency in fashion, as well as the technologies, infrastructures and systems that are rewriting the definition of sustainability. Finally, the world of virtual fashion, Dao’s, NFT’s, digital design and co-creation processes wrapped up the program. By exploring these six themes, the summit participants and speakers created a new, holistic perspective that travels far beyond current ideas of sustainable fashion.

In addition to the conference, 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit included a rich assortment of parallel events and exhibits, including:


Simon Angel | DiplomacyStudio
Veronica Bates Kassatly | Independent Analyst
Kim Berndt | Studi.fbx
Steven Bethell | BVH/ Beyond Retro/ Bank & Vogue
Prof. Daniela Bohlinger | BMW Group, Umeå University
Massimo Brandellero | The ID Factory
Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart | Braungart EPEA
Savanna Browne | Metabolic Institute
Stefan Brunner | Fashion Council Germany
Orsola de Castro | Estethica
Kiran Cheema | United Nations Office for Partnerships
Lou Croff Blake | The Rolodex of Radical Design
Chanawan “Kao” Danpan | Flower Matter
Jessamine Davis | Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral
Tim Devlin | Unity Technologies
Mehdi Doghri | Save Your Wardrobe
Alexandra Drissner | Sellpy
Patrick Duffy | Global Fashion Xchange
Ingrid Elbertse | Fair Wear Foundation
Tai Ford | Retraced
Dr. Rüdiger Fox | Sympatex Technologies
Katya Kruk | Armedangels
Max Grosse Lutermann |
Xenia Glutz von Blotzheim | Mykita
Christine Goulay
| Sustainabelle
Dr. Erica de Greef | African Fashion Research Institute
Anna Greil | Uptraded
Cora Hamilton | Uns*
Luke Haverhals | Natural Fiber Welding
Marte Hentschel | Sqetch
Valerie-Anne Houppermans | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Alexandra Ilg | The Dematerialized
Yuliia Karnas | OneUkraine
Julia Kline | Julia Kline
Paula Kühn | The Kindkind Studio
Meriem Lebdiri | Council of Modest Fashion, Meriem Lebdiri
Michael Liebe | Booster Space Events & Consulting
Franzisca Markschläger | Initiative for Global Solidarity (IGS/GIZ)
Dr. Francesco Mazzarella | London College of Fashion, UAL
Nicholas Mazzei | Zalando
Steffen Meiler
| Kornit Digital
Anna Franziska Michel |
Yoonaverse, Yoona
Matthew Needham
| Matthew Needham Studio
Arianna Nicoletti | Circular Berlin
Sandra Nielsen | A New Kind of Blue
Fatima Njoya | Condé Nast Germany, Glamour Germany
Alessandro Nora | Staiy
Michael Pfeifer | Moot
Francesca Rulli | Process Factory
Prof. Magdalena Schaffrin | Studio MM04
Martina Schiuma | The ID Factory
Doris Schoger
| Rebound Stuff
Constantin Singer | OceanSafe
Ana Tavares | Citeve
Sebastian Thies | KT Shoes, Thies 1856
Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow | Beneficial Design Institute
Max Weiland | Uns*
Beata Wilczek | Unfolding Strategies
Delphine Williot | Fashion Revolution
Irem Yanpar Coşdan | Open Apparel Registry
Maria Zakurnaeva | Furoid
Femke Zijlstra | Independant

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