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Fashion for Positive Impact: Regenerative Transformation

09/2022: Edition #4 of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit addressed six themes of fashion's most cutting edge sustainability movement: regenerative transformation. The program tackled how fashion can make a positive impact in the biosphere, focusing on our planet and our communities. Topics such as regenerative materials, restoring biodiversity and ecosystems were highlighted, creating a new culture of inclusion and equity, and reimagining workspaces as ecosystems to grow healthy creative economies. It also addressed transforming the technosphere and metasphere, looking at tech innovations and digitization as areas to apply regenerative transformation. The discussions included trust, traceability and transparency in fashion, as well as the technologies, infrastructures and systems that are rewriting the definition of sustainability. Finally, the world of virtual fashion, Dao’s, NFT’s, digital design and co-creation processes wrapped up the program. By exploring these six themes, the summit participants and speakers created a new, holistic perspective that travels far beyond current ideas of sustainable fashion.

In addition to the conference, 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit included a rich assortment of parallel events and exhibits, including:

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